Opinion: Elizabeth Warren on Pregnancy Discrimination

Welcome Back! As you’ve probably seen, everyone’s talking about how democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren lost her job as a teacher because she was pregnant. At 22, Warren was “visibly pregnant” and the principal of the school told her they had already promised her job to someone else for next year. The school board didn’t extend her contract early on in her pregnancy.

“Elizabeth Warren” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

Pregnancy Discrimination is a common thing in all work fields. Women all over are either overlooked for promotions, hiring discrimination, and etc. This ties in with the topic of a “woman’s family responsibilities”. And work fields not wanting to accommodate a woman’s needs during pregnancy. Such as, breastfeeding, motherhood, paid maternity leave.

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In conclusion, Elizabeth Warren is spreading awareness on an important issue that isn’t talked about enough. She promises, as president she will do something to stop this ongoing issue. Her campaign for president has given us a new perspective to all these social issues that affect us deeply.


What’s Going On Right Now?

By: Jada Solomon

Welcome to my first ever weekly segment of "Whats Going On Right Now? " I will post a social issue that's going on currently. This will include a summary and my own personal opinion of whatever is going on. 

#AbolishIce: ICE has moved 700 women and their lawyers have no idea where they are.

More than 700 women were transferred out of a Texas Detention Center in September. Lawyers from (RAICES) do not have access to where the majority of the women are because ICE does not have updated info from their detainee tracking system. Their health and mental conditions are at risk because of this, due to lawyers being unable to fight for their right to medical treatment. This also includes the risk of not having legal representation, if they don’t find their lawyers.

This is a violation of human rights. ICE must do something to fix their online detainee tracking system. This isn’t the first time something like this happens. ICE already has 7 deaths on their hands from earlier this year due to not receiving proper medical treatment.

Read more about it here.



As we are now in the digital age, technology and social media is a part of ones daily life routines. However, people don’t realize how much access to personal information one has allowed technology to have.

People don’t realize how many of your rights you’ve given away when signing up to a social network. You’ve given up your right to personal privacy the minute you accept terms and conditions. Additionally, social media allows criminals to steal your identity to be apart of an illegal activity. So its important to be careful with what you post online.

From IP addresses, public WiFi, fake emails, and more, hackers do it all to access your content. Credit card information, social security, birth certificates, and email details are just a few of the examples of what millions of hackers have been able to access from different individuals. Through spreading viruses, malware’s, and spyware are some methods of how hackers do it. Recommendations include, not accessing your credit card information in public WiFi, don’t open sketchy emails, and install anti virus software’s to prevent this from happening.

Read more about how hackers access your computer here: https://www.bullguard.com/blog/2015/04/how-hackers-access-your-computer.html

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